Hello & Welcome!

I'm Melissa!

I'm an introverted, T-shirt wearing, animal loving, nature admiring, lucky wife, mother of 3, photography and birth obsessed lady.

 From the time I was little, I had always wanted to be a vet.  I was all about animals 24/7.  I had pet snakes, lizards, and the usual dogs and cats.  I even convinced my mom to get me a bird to help me learn and gain experience.   Later on, I realized I couldn't handle it and was lost without plan B.

I have always been interested in photos and the story behind them.  As a kid, I would go through my grandmother's old photo albums any chance I got!  Her face used to light up as she recalled the events and people in the pictures.  Photography was always a fun hobby for me during my youth.

-Fast forward quite a few years -

I was now married with 3 beautiful kids.  I took photos any chance I got.  I realized how much I loved it and the artistic side of me was happy to come out.

My ah-ha moment was when I saw photos of a birth.  WOW!  Such raw emotion during the most important day in a parent's life!  I have taken photos most of my life- why not when my 3 babies arrived?  Seeing them really made me think about my birth experiences, my family, my absent memories, and just how important it is to document those beloved bits in time!

I like to think I got a late start on what I was meant to do!

These are a few of my favorite things

Birth Books

Herbal Baths

Kind Words


That Pregnancy Glow

My Vans