A Celebration

When Linsey mentioned that she wanted to photograph her scar, my heart jumped for joy!

An image that would represent and celebrate so many things.

“Birth is hard to plan and predict, but as a planner by trade, I like a plan.   A C-section was never in my birth plan, but after two births I have come to appreciate that each birth is different and I am grateful for alternate plans.  My alternate plan is what ultimately allowed me to bring two babies safely into this world so it was important for me to have Melissa capture an image that celebrates just that.

For my first child’s birth, I planned for an unmedicated, natural birth.  This is something that I thought about during the majority of my pregnancy and something I ultimately didn’t get.  I was devastated as my midwife told me I would need a C-section after 14 hours of labor because my body had stalled and my son’s heart rate began to drop.  I knew that my doctor knew what needed to happen, but in the moment I needed some convincing that my plan wasn’t the best plan to get my baby into this world safely.  As soon as they placed Lowe into my arms, my planned no longer mattered.  He was here and my world was perfect.

When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I decided that I wanted to schedule a C-section for this birth. I knew that a C-section was likely the route I may have to take regardless so after multiple postpartum conversations regarding my previous birth, it was a plan I was comfortable with for my second birth.

On a Thursday afternoon, after leaving the beach, I jumped in the shower to rinse off and relax.  That is when I felt a sudden shift in my baby’s position.  I got a cramp in my side and began to feel light contractions.  Light in comparison to my previous son’s birth.   The contractions seemed fairly far apart and I was relaxed, but my body kept telling me that something wasn’t right so I called my doctor.  He suggested I meet him at the hospital to see if I was in labor and then we would assess our next steps.  By the time he got me hooked up to the monitors, my contractions were a minute apart.  I was only 36 weeks pregnant at the time so he made several attempts to stop my contractions, but the labor kept coming so he called in the rest of the team and prepped the OR.

Four hours after that shift in positioning, my baby girl, Scarlett, entered this world safely.  I emphasize the word safely because during the C-section my doctor discovered that I had a prolapsed cord.  Had my water broken or had I attempted to deliver vaginally, there could have been a completely different outcome for my daughter.

I am a deeply religious person and now realize that there was a plan all along, it just wasn’t my plan.  I am also amazed at how in tune a woman can become with her body during child birth and grateful to my body for giving me the right signs to call my doctor.  This image celebrates my alternate plan and my new appreciation for my body and love of my babies.

Melissa, you captured it beautifully.”

Her baby girl, c-section scar, and postpartum belly

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