The Birth of Emry Ann

This calm, family-centered birth was such a pleasure to attend!  Little Emry arrived bright-eyed and everyone was smitten.  Thank you, Teri, for sharing your story!

“As a CPA with a due date of 4/24/17, I was concerned that my daughter would arrive before 4/15 and for the rest of her life, I would need to work on her birthday.  My parents were scheduled to arrive from Texas on April 15th with hopes that I would have her early to ensure they could maximize their time in town.  All of these deadlines were squeezing in on me…

 When I went in for my 38 week appointment, the doctor let me know that due to my gestational diabetes we would induce early at 39 weeks, which was on April 17th.  All of the pieces were falling into place for a perfect scenario pending I didn’t go into labor early on my own.  My parents got in town on the evening of the 15th and then on Sunday, the 16th, we did Easter brunch and an egg hunt at Epping Forest with our family.  We put our son down for a nap and then headed to Baptist downtown for our scheduled 4 pm arrival time.

 They began the cervical ripening around 5:30 pm with a 12 hour window.  I was to be monitored for the first 2 hours then could eat until midnight as long as all was going well…  All went well, so we got burgers from the hospital since all nearby places were closed due to it being Easter.  We tucked ourselves in for the evening after dinner and turned it to Food Network to watch Iron Chef reruns since the new Iron Chef Gauntlet was premiering that evening.  I had some contractions throughout the night, so there was not much sleep had by any.

 Around 5:30 in the morning my nursing team removed the Cervidil and checked me.  I was still only dilated to 1cm, which was disappointing, as I felt like no progress was made even though we had spent the night in the hospital.  They started the Pitocin around 6:30 am and we were off to the races from there.  The Cervidil had softened my cervix enough that the Pitocin was able to do its job and I started to make great progress.  

 My parents took Byron to school and were at the hospital by 8 am.  Around 8:30 am, I was at 3cm and got my epidural around 9:30 am.  Things really progressed fast from there.  Melissa, our delivery photographer, and my parents were able to come back into the room around 10 am.  I was feeling great at that point.  The epidural was perfect.  I could move my legs completely but couldn’t feel any pain of the contractions.  I had to look at the monitor to even know I was having one, it was pure bliss and so different from Byron’s delivery.

birth story baptist hospital downtown jacksonvillejacksonville florida mother in labor at baptist hospital downtowndocumented by birth photographer labor and deliverywaiting on the arrival of their daughter mother and father in love

 The guys got lunch at Chick-fil-A and brought back cookies for me for post delivery when I could be back to having sweets.  Something to look forward to!! 

labor and delivery baptist hospital downtown jacksonville, florida

By 1:30, I was about ready to go.  I could feel a lot of pressure, was shivering, but not cold, so our nurse went to let the doctor know it was about time since she was in another delivery.  When the nurse next checked me, I was there and ready, but no doctor yet!  So I crossed my legs, had a few more laughs and waited 15 minutes for Dr. Porter to arrive.  It was almost comical to me as we were all just hanging out while I “held” Emry inside of me.  The doctor arrives and we got all set up and after 2 contractions and 4 pushes, our sweet daughter Emry Ann Bearden arrived at 14:14 pm on 4/17/17! 

captured in photos delivery of their baby girlcaptured by birth photographer baby girl just born via vaginal delivery
She was 6lbs, 8 ounces at 20.5 inches and perfect in every way!!

Ink footprints and newborn being weighed at Baptist Hospital

 She spent time on my chest and with us all being passed around the room. 

after birth new dad holding baby girl for first timecaptured by birth photographer breastfeeding baby after birthbaptist hospital maternity ward newborn details of just born babyafter being born grandparents meet and hold their granddaughter
We were in the delivery room for about 2 hours, then moved on to our room where we would stay for the next few days.  Lots of photos were taken and then Seth, Mama, and Emry settled in for the evening…  I got my cookies and some Pizza from V’s Pizza (sweet daddy took care of me).
  after and induction at baptist hospital in north florida mother father and baby
It was just the three of us for that night and then our son came the next afternoon to meet his sister.  He was madly in love and we officially became a full and complete family at that point!”


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