The Birth of Gabriel

Laura was my 3rd birth client, 1st experience at a birth center.  It was such a different environment than the hospital atmosphere that I had come to know.  Her birth had a great impact on me and my passion for sharing beautiful, but DIFFERENT, birth stories.  Birth is not scary and women need to know that they can, and should, have the birth experience that they desire.

Thank you Laura for sharing your story!

“September 29th, 2015, the day was finally here!  The day we had all been anxiously awaiting for 9 long months!  This being our 3rd child we knew that he could come on time or late; no surprises here!  Of course as most expectant mothers, I had been hoping that he would make his glorious arrival for weeks now.  I was ready to get this baby out so that I could bask in the beauty of his perfect face, smell that wonderful scent of new baby and finally get my body back!  Well, sort of at least…

I rolled out of bed around 9am and headed for the restroom.  Suddenly I felt a small gush and excitement filled my heart.  I’ll skip the details, but I called my midwife, explained the situation but she didn’t think that my water had fully broken.  Sigh… Small twinge of disappointment.  I should probably add that even though this is our 3rd child, it was our first “natural” birth.  With the first 2, my water was broken by the OB after I received an epidural.  (Not fun!) My midwife game me the timeline for how long we could wait if it was in fact my water breaking and told me to call her in a few hours.

Ok… what to do now?  Hmmm… Breakfast!  As the older children got up and started helping me around the kitchen, I got my first contraction.  Ok, not so bad.  I can do this.  After breakfast we took a nice walk down to the river’s edge, the children and the dog got covered in mud and we headed home to shower off.  All the while I’m having sporadic contractions.  After getting the mud off the children and dog, we put YouTube on the TV and began to dance to old 70’s songs.  Such fun!  My children still talk about the fun we had that day.  What a funny sight I must’ve been to them; dancing around the living room with my big belly!

text beloved bits birth photographer

I wrote my wonderful birth photographer to let her know that the contractions were getting closer together.  I had also written my amazing husband while we were on the walk, to let him know that he should probably head home from work.

He immediately headed home, showered up and asked if we could lay down for a nap.  That was a major fail!  As soon as we laid down, the contractions kicked into FULL gear!  I was not doing my happy dance then!

He called the midwife and said that we were on our way.  The bags and car seat were already packed and ready to go.  We got into the truck and off we were!  That was THE longest 30 minute drive to the birthing center!  I remember yelling at the kids to be quiet and then apologizing for yelling.  Trying to explain through the contractions that it wasn’t personal and that mommy was just going through some really intense contractions.  (My kids probably thought I was nuts, hahaha!)

We finally arrived.  Marc helped me out of the truck and my midwife Sharon came running out.  She supported me as a huge contraction hit.  We quickly got inside, got the bath water started and checked to see how far I was dilated.  7cm already!  She whispered to Marc that this was going to be quick.  They helped me into the warm, calming bath water and immediately my water broke!

Marc sat on the back of the tub and I scooted between his strong legs.  What a comfort he was to me.  I remember feeling his strong hands on my shoulders and arms.  Several time I reached up to use his legs as gripping posts.  My eyes were tightly shut but I remember hearing my birth photographer; Melissa quietly entered the room and quickly set up her camera.  In my head I was so relieved that she was there and knew that baby Gabriel could arrive now.

Jacksonville Florida Fruitful Vine Midwifery water birth

During the course of the pregnancy I read “Supernatural Childbirth.”  I was believing and trusting in God to give me an amazing birth, with no complications and without pain.  I got just what I prayed for.  I remember there being moments where fear started to creep in and I would say to myself, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”  I remember feeling the pressure and intensity of the baby coming through the birth canal.  I remember saying “ow” a couple times.  But it wasn’t this painful, awful experience.  I was definitely very vocal and yelled through the contractions.  I’m so glad this wasn’t on video, haha!  One final push and I was holding this amazing, beautiful, perfect baby boy.  Perfectly smooth skin, head full of dark brown hair!  With tears streaming down our faces we told Gabriel how much we loved him and how long we had waited for his arrival.

midwife sharon fruitful vine birth photography

Gabriel was born at 3:58pm weighing 8.7lbs and over 21″ long.

midwife sharon fruitful vine newborn exam

Proud siblings Elizabeth and Christopher came into the room to meet their new brother.  Immediately they were in love with this perfect little bundle.

birth photographer melissa pickett jacksonville florida

A few hours later we left the birthing center and headed to our cozy home to crawl into bed and rest.

My birth experience was everything I wanted and more.  The support that I received from my husband and midwife was invaluable.  The beautiful photos taken by my talented photographer will forever be treasured.”

~Laura G.

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