The Birth of Braddox David

When I met and talked with Katy, I remember leaving with such admiration and respect for this expecting momma.  She was informed, knew what she wanted as far as her birth, and had done so much already to make it happen.  She wanted to have a natural labor with the help of Full Circle Women’s Care.  I had heard so many good things about this practice, including how supportive they are of moms and their wishes, and was excited to see the midwife/OB in action!

Fast forward a few months to June 23rd.  After an appointment, Katy learned that she was sitting pretty at 4cm!  She (and everybody else) thought it would be any day now.  Her little one decided he was pretty comfy and decided to wait until July 3rd to make his grand entrance.  At 6am I received a text saying she was having steady contractions!  By 7am, everybody was up at the hospital!  southside hospital St. Vincent's

expecting mom St. Vincent's hospital southside natural labor

Jacksonville, Florida laboring mom St. Vincent's birth photography

birth photography during contractions of natural laboring mom

Such strength, beauty, and support as she works through natural labor to bring her baby earthside.

Pregnant woman laboring during hospital birth

St. Vincent's hospital midwives OB Full Circle women's care

bringing baby earth side laboring mom pushes hospital birth midwife carol rademeyer

One final push and Braddox arrived at 11:14 am, weighing 7lbs 13 oz and 19.75 inches long.

birth photography captures baby in mom's arms

birth photography St. Vincent's welcome baby

Full Circle Women's care jacksonville Florida newborn baby

After having issues with breastfeeding her daughter, she wondered for months how her son would do.  Sweet relief as he quickly latches on.

after birth first latch breastfeeding

natural birth breastfeeding with support

Time for this big sister to meet her baby brother!

St. Vincent's jacksonville waiting to meet her little brother

newborn meeting family captured by birth photographer

Braddox was surrounded by a loving family anxious to get their hands on him!

jacksonville florida family meeting baby

natural hospital birth Full Circle Dr. Chandra Adams

Congrats to Katy and her family!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special day!

You can view this sweet boy’s newborn session here.

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