~I’m happy to answer any questions you may have~

1. You take pictures of THAT?

Birth photography captures the story and emotions of your little one's arrival. I do take crowning shots if you want them and if the doctor allows it.

2. How many births do you take per month?

I will take up to 3 births per month right now. I do have a backup photographer in the rare event that a birth may overlap.

3. What does on-call mean?

I go on-call for moms when they are 37 weeks. That means that I am ready to drop whatever I am doing to head to your birth space. I do not go out of town, I have childcare in place, and my phone is at my side until you have your baby.

4. How late in my pregnancy can I book?

I recommend booking as early as possible to reserve your due date. I only take 3 birth clients per month.

5. What if you miss the birth?

I have backups in place so that does not happen. In the super rare event that I or my backups can not make it after you have given notice of being in labor, a fresh 48 session will be scheduled. A portion of your fee may also be refunded or put towards products.

6. Do you share my pictures?

I would love to share your birth story, but it is ultimately up to you. I can share some, all, or none at all - I give you the choice.

7. What if I have a c-section?

All birth stories are beautiful. I may or may not be allowed in the OR, but it is up to you to advocate for me to be present. In the event that I am not granted access, I may allow a nurse (if they agree) to take my camera back. Either way, there will be plenty of other details to preserve.

8. Can I meet you first?

Yes! I love to grab coffee or a snack to get to know my clients, answer any questions, and to just chat. It's imporant that you feel comfortable with me being in your birth space and I find meeting helps with that!

9. Will it be weird with a photographer in the room?

Hopefully after our meet, you will feel more at ease with me. I take the "fly on the wall" approach and most clients say that they don't even notice me there during labor. I will never interrupt the process or ask you to pose.

10. Do you use flash?

I need SOME light to be able to take photographs. I understand moms like to labor in dark spaces so my camera is very good in low light. We will talk about flash vs available light and your preferences.

11. Do you shoot film or video?

Yes! I have fallen in love with videography and now offer fusion videos and films.

12. How do I reserve my due date?

Great! You have decided that we are a fit and you would like to book! The next step would be to sign the contract and pay the retainer fee. The retainer is a non-refundable portion of your session fee that reserves your due date.

13. Do you offer payment plans?

I do! Once the retainer is paid, we will decide on a payment schedule that works for you. All session fees must be paid in full by 37 weeks - before on-call time starts.

14. What if I am worried about the cost?

Registry gift cards are an awesome way to help offset the cost of your session! These gift cards may be purchased for you in any amount. They are great to put in baby shower invites as an available gift option. Digital delivery or gift wrap available.

15. What do I do when I think I’m in labor?

We will be in contact throughout your pregnancy - especially during those last few weeks. I ask that you notify me of any changes in your body & any info from doctor/midwife visits - the more the better! When you think it's time, you will call me and let me know!

16. How many images do you include?

All birth stories are unique. It depends on how long I am present for your birth and how long you labor. I will include all images that I feel tell your story.

17. When will I receive my images?

My contract states that galleries will be delivered 4-6 weeks after the birth. It is usually less -depending on my editing schedule.

18. Do you offer albums, prints and other products?

Absolutely! I believe albums are special keepsakes that should be passed down from generation to generation. I recommend them for all birth stories! Too many times, these special photos just sit on a computer or get lost due to a hard drive failing. I have a few print companies that I use to create a special, unique design just for you.

19. What is a Fresh 48 session?

These are for clients that may not want the whole birth captured. Babies change so fast in the first few days - this session captures those details. Fresh 48s are scheduled within 48 hours of your little one's arrival at the hospital, birth center, or your home.

20. Are you licensed and insured?

Of course! All birth photographers should be! I am running a business and I take the necessary steps to protect myself and my clients.