Happy Birth Clients

Laura G.

"Melissa was hired to be my birth photographer for our water birth but quickly turned into a dear friend. Her sweet spirit & soft voice was such a comfort to me as we walked the halls of the birthing center late one night. To just say that she is talented doesn't even begin to describe her. She captured every special moment. Ones that I didn't even know were happening. Every "sneak peek" that she sent left me weeping with joy. She didn't just take pictures, she gave us a beautiful gift that we would've missed out on had she not been there. I highly recommend her. She will exceed your expectations. I cannot wait to use her again for our next birth. Thank you Melissa, for everything."



Emily K.

"Thank you so much again for being there and capturing such an important day. I will cherish these photos forever. Seriously, like 85 year-old me will still look at these all the time. I'll let you know when baby #3 is on the way."

Marjorie M.

"It has almost been a year since my son Gabriel's birth. I can't express how happy I am that I decided to have someone there to professionally capture it with amazing pictures. Melissa stood by ready for that moment when Gabriel decided to make his appearance and let me tell you he was a stubborn little guy. The moments she captured for my husband and I are absolutely priceless. I often find myself looking back at them and remembering the feeling I had in those moments. The moment you become a mother is so special and it just seems right that you have someone as talented as Melissa there capturing it all behind the camera. If you are looking for someone to capture the birth of your precious child, you won't regret hiring Beloved Bits."