Harbor Diane

It’s always an honor to be present for the birth of a little one, but being with a family for the 2nd time makes it extra special!

Jan, I’m so happy for you and your family!  Thank you for sharing your story!

“Here I am almost 8 weeks postpartum revisiting the birth of our sweet girl. Memories flood in as I look through pictures. Attempting to unscramble the events and place them in chronological order sounds like a task too daunting to attempt. What I can say is I was blessed with a healthy baby who is nothing short of a blessing. From start to finish I experienced every emotion possible. Fear, happiness, anger, disappointment, excitement, and pain… oh the pain…Labor is work, and I worked for this girl.

Mom laboring at Orange Park medical center with PitocinDad does hip squeezes while his wife is in labor
I worked longer than I wanted, and harder than I thought I ever could. In all actuality, the delivery of this baby was short, at around 12 hours total, but at the time it felt like it took forever! When I was pregnant I came up with the ideal delivery that I would have this time around. Harbor was my 6th child, the 7th for our beautifully blended family, which led me to believe that I knew what to expect. My dream delivery had a baby who would come during the day. Our children would immediately be able to come in and see their new sister. My scenario failed to take into consideration that babies come on their time, not yours. My fantasy delivery also didn’t factor in the worry I would feel when my baby began to experience decelerations in her heart rate. Hearing her heart rate change from that of a galloping horse to a pace slower than my own brought intense anxiety which amplified the pain. There was a point when I checked out mentally. I wanted the nurses to focus on our health and for everyone in the room to stop chatting (that’s much nicer than how I said it during labor).

Managing pain while on Pitocin laboring at OPMC
Surrounded by people who love me, I closed my eyes and only focussed on the sound of my precious baby’s heartbeat and my husband telling me when the contraction was on the decline. I rode out each intense wave praying they were bringing me closer to the finish line.

Mom needs oxygen while laboring waiting to meet her babyJust before delivery, mom pauses to center herself
At 12:20 in the morning, our perfect 6 lb 8 oz little lady was born.

vernix covered baby is handed to mom after a vaginal birthMom looks at baby after being bornDad admires his new daughter after the birthnurse performing newborn exam right after baby bornbaby latches and breastfeeds for the first time after being bornmom and dad admire baby just after being born at Orange park medical centerMom admires baby girl after having unmedicated vaginal birth
It truly doesn’t matter if it’s your first baby or your 6th, the addition of a child is such a blessing.”

The family meets their new sister after she was born at orange park medical centersiblings meet their new baby sister after she was born at Orange park medical centerAfter being born, baby girl is awake and alert at Orange Park Medical Center

~ Jan

You can view Harbor’s full birth story below!  Please watch with the volume up and in HD.

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