Herbal Bath – Colton

Soaking in warm water with flowers surrounding you, a newborn herbal bath is a great way to relax and just enjoy your new baby.  Your cares and stress float away as you admire those tiny fingers, beautiful eyes looking up at you, and kicking legs making little ripples in the water.

This mama had an amazing birth.  She was so strong and determined to bring her baby earthside naturally.  It was an honor and complete pleasure to be there that day!  I couldn’t wait to see her and her son again; to hear how life has been.  Babies develop and grow so fast in the first 4 weeks – it’s unbelievable.

Fernandina, Florida herbal bath mother and son

herbal bath for mother and son

jacksonville, florida herbal bath

jacksonville, florida herbal bath breastfeeding

photography of north florida herbal bath

Fernandina, Florida newborn photography
herbal bath postpartum

herbal bath for newborns

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