IAPBP – Image Competition

It’s that time of year again when the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP)  holds their annual birth image competition!  This year there will be 4 categories: labor, delivery, postpartum, and details.  This competition helped me along to the path that I am on today!

A few years ago, I saw the amazing entries from this competition.  Wow!  Stunning!  Why hadn’t I thought to photograph my births?!  The emotion!  So many different birth spaces and positions!  The strength!  The beauty!  It propelled me into research, study, and finding my passion.

2017 will be my 2nd year entering, not for the sake of winning, but to be a part of this wonderful community of storytellers.  To support the families willing to share their stories.  To be involved in something that can have an impact on our culture and how birth is viewed.

It helps spread the word that birth is beautiful and not something to be feared.

Here are my 4 entries ~

birth photography image IAPBP

delivery submission birth photography competition IAPBP

postpartum IAPBP birth image competitionbirth photography image competition IAPBP details

I’m happy to say that I have grown so much from my 2016 to 2017 submissions and I’m excited for what this year holds!  Thank you to all the families that allow me to share their lovely stories!

Keep up to date with the competition and see past years here. 

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