"They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That's because words don't always convey the feeling a mother has when she sees her child for the first time. The look on a father's face when he becomes someone's daddy. The white-knuckled grip of anxiety and determination to bring baby earthside. Words cannot possibly explain how amazing Melissa is at capturing those pictures, but anyone who looks at the photos she captured will be forever in awe at getting to view those moments that are usually ephemeral. My labor was exhaustingly long, but Melissa never stopped capturing my story. She worked tirelessly alongside my doula, midwives and husband. I don't remember seeing her during my labor, but she was there, inconspicuously capturing every moment. My husband and I look at the photos and I can't help but cry because I can see all the little details I missed out on the first time. I'm so grateful she's given me another chance to relive my birth, albeit less painfully. Melissa will definitely be our family photographer from now on, both for her talented eye and her huge heart."



Please watch with the volume up & in HD for best results.

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