The Birth of Satori

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this amazing journey and thank you for sharing ~ here is Gabrielle’s birth story!

“Postpartum is such a sacred time for me. I really get to sit back and recall the presence of having the birth of my dreams! They say 3rd times a charm- how true because I feel so blessed to have had this experience I want to share with you all. Even with baby #3, not only is there a new baby amongst us- there is a new mother — A mother of 3. As I carried Satori, I kept thinking to myself- “I am expanding. I can only expand, the woman I was before is no more, my capacity to love and be aware and present can only grow from here. As a woman, as a mother as a wife my love can only get larger and broader”. 

Laboring mom at home with waiting big sisters

That feeling rushed over me so richly once I owned that I was finally in labor. After waiting a full extra week, I went into labor at 41 weeks exactly. As I hung up with the call to my midwife that it was time, a wave of abundance swept over me in the solitude of my bathroom. The tears came rushing in like joy and pain all at once. I knew in that moment I would never be the same. I asked the ancestors to usher me into this newness because this was all going to be so new for me. I’d never been a mother to 3 little girls. I gave my foremothers my trust and prayers and allowed labor to shower me. 

Just as I prayed for – my labor and delivery went flawlessly. I’d spent much time preparing and my husband had everything ready to go when the instance came. We were finally having our baby! At home! 

Homebirth Springfield Florida

birth photography laboring at home mother

Contractions came in with ascending harmony, I welcomed them. I breathed deep and told my hips to open and widen with each force. My midwives, totaling 3, were so loving and supportive. They let me lead the way, which is exactly what I needed. 

during labor UF Health north midwives do double hip squeeze

I labored walking, standing and squatting for hours, while being rubbed and soothed by my husband and midwives. I embraced that the final stage was close and now is the time to put my big girl panties on and birth this sweet girl!

The water was ready for me to enter at will so I waited until I was sure she would soon be crowning. With each intensity I remembered my breath, I remember I had some say in how this went. Such an empowering memory for me now.

laboring mom water birth home birth

In the wee hours of a Monday morning Satori joined us at 4:37am peaceful, serene and healthy.

Midwives from UF north help catch baby

home birth newborn in moms arms after birth

baby with UF health north birth center midwife

The women at my birth couldn’t have been a better choice and experience for our family. Everyone came with peace and love. My midwives Bree, Andie, and Kelly Ann- thank you, I love you each to the highest degree. Melissa, you captured our Beloved Bits with such grace and harmony. Thank you from the depths of me. 

Thank you, everyone, for witnessing me here, I hope to inspire those that dream to birth the way they see fit! You know how to do this xxoo!”

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