The Birth of Nash Abram

I had the most amazing time getting to know this sweet mom and her family, all while capturing their journey from bump, to birth, to 6 weeks new! The love they have for each other really shines through in the film and it was a beautiful thing to witness!

Thank you for sharing your story with us Sarah!

“In September of 2016 at a women’s conference at our church, I felt the Lord speak to me and tell me that he was going to bless us with a son and that our boy would grow to do mighty things for his kingdom.

 The birth of Nash:
I was 40 weeks pregnant when the news broke that there was a massive hurricane headed straight for Florida. I wasn’t too concerned about this at first because I figured it would move off the coast and wouldn’t be an issue. However, as the days passed and the storm got closer it was reported to hit right where we live.
 I went for check-ups numerous times that week. At my first check-up that week, one of our midwives said I was around 2 centimeters dilated. I was excited and thought he might join the family earlier than any of his sisters had. Later that week we returned to see another one of the midwives to check and see if any progress had been made.
Here I lay anxiously awaiting to hear my progress and I hear “You’re about 1 centimeter dilated” Wait! What?! I actually lost progress.
L-O-L!  Who does that even happen to? Only me!
At one of my appointments my midwives had tried to stir up labor and at this point labor still hadn’t started. I had delivered all of our girls at 40 weeks 5 days gestation, but that day came and went and still no baby. At my last appointment, we discussed the options that we had with the impending storm that was headed our way. We left the appointment not knowing what would happen. Would labor start before the storm hit so I could have my water birth with my midwives? Would we induce at the hospital to avoid going into labor during the storm? Would I hold out and end up delivering my baby at home in the middle of a hurricane? The not knowing took its toll on me and I worried about the outcome.
On Thursday, September 7th labor started. We labored at home for a while and then we headed over to my sister’s house to be near the birth center. When my contractions were about two minutes apart I called my midwife and we headed up to the birth center. While we were there I labored so peacefully. We walked, talked, bounced on the labor ball, and used the belly fabric to help with pain.

waiting for baby at Uf health Birth Center laboring momsurrounded by family laboring at the UF Health North Birth center
Out of nowhere my labor progress just seemed to stop. I noticed the contractions seemed farther apart and less painful. My midwife told me that my body probably needed to rest and to go to sleep and we would see what happened when I woke up.
Early that next morning I woke up and still no contractions, I started to feel worry welling up inside of me. I feared I wouldn’t be able to deliver before the storm. The midwife suggested that my family and I go have a nice breakfast and try to walk. We all left and went and ate together. The little diner where we ate was full of people talking about the storm and a few even mentioned that they hoped I had this baby before it hit our area. This stirred up more fear. Still no contractions. At this point, panic is setting in. We went back up to the birth center and waited for my midwife. When she arrived it was just me and my husband in the birth room. I felt so much fear of the unknown. I started to cry. She told me that she felt that I needed to take some quiet time to reflect and to talk it over with God. Even though it was my midwife who spoke those words, I felt like the Lord put those words in her heart.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.
After she left the room I asked my husband to look up Bible verses for labor. As he read down the list one stirred up my spirit and I felt like it was exactly what I was meant to hear. James 4:8 Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. After he read the verse to me we decided to go walk the hallways, as we walked the hallways I prayed. I prayed that the Lord would take away the fear. I prayed that the Lord would jump start my labor. I prayed that each contraction would do the maximum amount of work, would help him drop lower and would help me dilate faster. I prayed for his protection and safety. I prayed for my protection and safety. I prayed that his transition into our lives was easy on the girls. I prayed for his future.  I kept praying that if he would draw near to me I would draw near to him and choose faith over fear.
The contractions started coming fast! The power of prayer is an amazing thing. When we got back in the birth room we decided that it would just be my husband and myself while I focused on delivering our son. During that time my husband and my midwife comforted me and helped me through contractions. I felt so safe and loved. I knew I was in good hands. My husband was by my side through everything. I can still hear him telling me
“Don’t be fearful, you can do this”
“You’re doing amazing”
“Breathe, Sarah”
It was just me and him in those moments, I depended on him for strength. He was my rock.
I could soon feel that things were starting to change fast and that his birth would be happening soon. I told my husband to go get our family and bring them back to the birth room. Once everyone was there I decided I wanted to get out of the tub and be checked. I struggled to the bed and I laid down. I heard her say you’re 8 to 9 centimeters! Even though I knew it from the amount of pain I was in I was so relieved to hear her say it. I got back into the birth tub and the contractions got really intense.

midwives checking a laboring mom at the UF health birth center
I was screaming through them. I felt like I was coming undone. Fading in and out of full consciousness. Trying to soak in the moments of calm and connect with my body. Trying to find the strength to bring our son into the world. Then I felt the urge to push and I remember saying, “I feel like I need to push someone please help me!”

as she works to meet her baby a laboring mother ready to push

The midwives came running in, my husband climbed in the birth tub, and our girls surrounded us. I started pushing. I could feel everything! It was the fiercest labor I have ever had. One of my midwives was checking his heartbeat and she kept saying, “He is strong, strong like his Mama.” Her words gave me power. After several minutes I could feel the ring of fire and I knew he wasn’t far away. I gave one big push and out into the world came our son. We pulled him out, they placed him on my chest and I looked at my husband and said, “We have a son!” There he was. His little heart beating right on top of mine as I held him to my chest. Taking him in. Breathing him in.

At Uf health north birth center her baby boy was born naturally in the waterafter a beautiful water birth waiting for the placenta to deliver

On Friday, September 8th at 6:29 pm Nash Abram Kirchner was born fiercely into this world. 8 pounds 9 ounces of the Lords faithful promises. The son I was promised. The moment he was placed on my chest I felt complete. He was who we were waiting on. We needed him for our family to be whole!

before breastfeeding with mom sisters hold their baby brotherAt the UF Health North Birth center a family of 6 after baby is born

A good friend of mine had told me when I was worried about the storm and his birth that God already knew his birth story and to find peace in that. She was right. God did know. He was the one who told me our son was a part of his plan. He was born into this world at the exact moment the Lord had planned all along. Exactly 9 months to the day that he was conceived on.”

You can view the Kirchner’s full womb to world film below!  Be sure to watch in HD and with the volume up!

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