The Birth of Timber Leanne

Thank you, Jan, for trusting me to document the birth of your 5th little one and for sharing your amazing story with us!

“The morning of January 16 began like any typical day. I got the two older ones off to school and decided to keep the 4-year-old home with me because I just felt “off”. I talked with my mom who was just getting home from a busy night shift as an L&D nurse and told her goodnight. I began feeling contractions shortly after we talked around 9:45 that morning. They were 8-10 minutes apart and more of an irritation than anything, but I knew that baby was coming. I felt immense anxiety when I called my husband who was in Tampa and told him I was contracting and he needed to get home because today was the day. I called my friend and she said she would come over and give me company because at this point I was frantically trying to clean and make last minute arrangements. I called my mother at least a dozen times to try to tell her I was in early labor. When I was finally able to get in touch with my mom she said to immediately go in. I told her that I was waiting on Jason to get home because I didn’t want to go without him. We were supposed to have a 45-minute drive together to reflect on the fact that we would soon be welcoming another baby into this world. I stalled by telling her I had to get a shower first. At this point, my mother-in-law and friend were at the house and I felt like I had time to wait for my husband. Around 1:50 I felt the all too familiar “pop” and knew my water had just broken. My plan went out the window and my anxiety escalated, my husband wasn’t even close because he had to secure his vessel before he left. Our previous baby came two hours after my water broke and I was praying that this baby didn’t come as fast. I knew at this point I had to go in to make sure both baby and I were monitored. We arrived at the hospital around 3, I was brought to my room and checked.

waiting to meet timber at orange park medical center
I felt relief when they said I was 4-5cm because that meant my husband had time to get here before baby came. I continued to contract regularly but they weren’t as close as they should have been. I like to think that Timber was waiting for her daddy to get there. My husband got to the hospital around 5 and I breathed a sigh of relief. We laughed and joked in between contractions. My partner was with me and I could have our baby.

at orange park medical center mother in laborduring labor husband and grandma help mom
If I could have communicated directly with my body labor would have immediately intensified, but it didn’t. I was contracting and they were uncomfortable but nothing was really happening. Around 6:30 I was still 5 cm and Pitocin was started, the contractions began to get closer together and stronger. I decided to stand at the side of the bed to help baby descend.

husband doing hip squeezes while laboring on the side of the bed
We were still laughing and talking in between contractions but I noticed a distinct difference in the intensity of them. At 7:35 I begged to be checked and felt such defeat when I was told I was 5-6cm. ” Why won’t she just come!” I told my mom as I stood up again hoping to encourage her to make some cervical change happen. My body heard me because things started happening quick! The contractions were coming rapidly, and I was losing the desire to talk in between them. I would tune everyone out and rock side to side through the contraction, hoping everyone was bringing me closer to meeting my precious girl.

as she labors without pain medication supported by her husband and nurse mom
Much of this time is a blur, I remember consistent hard contractions and praying that she would be here soon and it would all be over.  I wanted to be rubbed one second and the next I wanted to physically cut my husband for not doing it just right. I felt strong and vulnerable all at the same time. I was strong because I could make it through each contraction and yet I was vulnerable because each contraction brought out a side of me I rarely show. I needed the support and encouragement more than I ever have in my life.

as she is working towards her natural birth ready to meet her daughter
At 7:57 I called in quits and demanded an epidural just as my midwife came in and told me to get on the bed so we could have the baby. Several words flew out of my mouth as soon as she said this because I thought that there was no way I could do anymore and was still under the impression that baby was hours away. The last place I wanted to be was stuck in some bed feeling this pain. I got onto the bed and she said that there wasn’t much cervix left if I rolled on my side and waited we could get rid of it and push. Rolling on my side was all it took to be ready to push. As soon as I got the go-ahead to push that’s all I did. I remember hearing people telling me to “breathe” but I never took a breath, the urge to push was greater than my desire to listen to those around me. My husband was initially going to catch but I pushed and she came fast!

at orange park medical center her daughter is born swiftly
Timber Leanne came into the world at 8:00, our perfect 6lb little beauty!

welcomed into the world their daughter timberafter giving birth mom gets to hold her daughter for the very first time
It was over! I remember thinking “that’s it?” Yes, I was an emotional wreck at 7:57 but I sure didn’t think our daughter would be here by 8:00!!

after being born daughter is on mom's chestat orange park hospital dad cuts the cord after baby girl is bornholding her dad's finger baby girl has newborn exam doneas dad looks on first latch and nursing achieved right after giving birththe newest addition finally meets the familyat orange park medical center siblings get to hold their new baby sisterunder the warmer baby getting checked out by nurses and momright after being born naturally breastfeeding and being held by familymom enjoyed her daughter after her natural birth
Nothing that day went like I had planned it in my mind and yet it remains one of my greatest days. I felt loved and supported and gained a precious daughter!”

~ Jan

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