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I have been a bit behind in blogging so I’m finally getting around to sharing this amazing story! A story of love, loss, support, accomplishment, redemption, and family.  Thank you, Jamie, for trusting me to capture this special time and for sharing your birth story with us!

“My birth story started on Thursday, August 24. It was a seemingly typical day…I went to work and was approached with the “You’re still here?!” comment several times. That became a common start to my day considering I was 2 days over my due date at this point. I thought for sure I had several more days left before meeting my precious girl, as my son was 2 weeks late and I was certain his sister would be also. During the day I had a few contractions that were slightly uncomfortable but nothing steady so I didn’t think anything of it. After leaving work and picking my son up, the frequency of my contractions started to have a regular pattern around 4:00 pm. From that point on, contractions were 5-10min apart. By the evening, I KNEW this was my body doing what it needed to do to prepare for birth. I KNEW this was IT. I tried to get as much sleep as possible that night, but it seemed impossible to get comfortable. I managed to “sleep” between contractions, which were still averaging 5-10min apart throughout the night. Friday morning came and I had to send THE text….a text to my boss that I wasn’t coming into work because it was baby day! My husband and I took my son to school to keep his routine normal. My contractions tapered off a bit but were still very present. In true “birth day” fashion, my mom and I went to get a pedicure, which I knew would be my last for a long time to come. Afterwards, I went to my previously scheduled OB appointment to do a non-stress test on the baby. I saw Dr. Adams and she did a membrane sweep and checked me…I was 4cm dilated. She told me to go home and labor and we’d have a baby soon! Once I got back home, contractions REALLY slowed down. I was getting discouraged and thought my body was playing tricks on me. If I wasn’t going to have a baby, then I wanted to be with my son so we picked him up from school early to spend time with him. By early afternoon, contractions started to intensify and were steadily 3ish minutes apart. My mom and husband were huge laboring supports during this time! By 3:00 pm, I decided it was time to go to the hospital. After getting settled in our room, I asked to be checked around 6:00 pm and I was 6cm dilated.

At St. Vincent's hospital laboring
I was thrilled knowing that I’d meet my daughter soon! Contractions continued to intensify and I was doing everything I could to manage them.

Laboring at St. Vincent's hospital hip squeezes done by momat st. Vincent's hospital hooked up to monitors as mom is supportedwith her husband by her side working through a contractionmom labors during her natural birth under Full Circle Women's care
Around 7:15 pm, Carol, the on-call midwife had arrived and I asked to be checked again. I was a solid 9cm dilated; however, my cervix wasn’t in a favorable position so Carol tried to manipulate it to move so that baby could descend lower into the birth canal.

As she gets ready to push and meet her baby midwife Carol of Full Circle Women's Care is by her side
I was convinced I was ready and needed to push. Carol urged me to wait so that my cervix had time to shift. Around 7:45 pm, much to my surprise, Dr. Adams came walking into my room (dressed in “normal” clothes with her 4mo daughter, who was there for the birth and was such an angel!) Little did I know that Carol was texting with Dr. Adams and she wanted to come deliver my baby girl (we have quite a history). Although I was exhausted and didn’t say much to Dr. Adams, I relieved seeing her there and humbled by her desire to be my delivering doctor. By 8:00 pm, I was fully dilated and ready to start pushing.

Full Circle Women's Care Dr. Adams talks with mom and delivers her baby
As the birth team was preparing (changing into scrubs, wheeling in the afterbirth necessities, etc), I remember thinking “This is the moment I’ve waited for. This is what I’ve worked so hard laboring 29 hours for. I’m so ready to meet my sweet baby!” The anticipation and adrenaline gave me the necessary energy to deliver. When the next contraction started, I began to push. All the feelings of needing to manage my contractions subsided…pushing was hard work and truly took all of my focus and strength! The nurses, Dr. Adams, and my personal birth team (my husband, mom, and sister-in-law) coached me through each round of pushing. After a few rounds of pushing, I was exhausted and hot and convinced my baby was never going to come out. The second to last pushing attempt brought baby’s head close to crowning. I remember reaching down to touch her (which I swore I didn’t want to do) and I was tempted to push her back in more just to release the crazy amount of pressure. It felt like the next contraction took forever to come, but I knew it would probably be the last push before meeting my daughter. Finally, at 8:49 pm on Friday, August 25, my beautiful baby girl, Blythe Elizabeth was born and weighed 9lbs 13oz!

Their rainbow baby girl is here and mom, dad, and grandma are so happyVia VBAC relief and happiness after mom delivers her rainbow baby girl
It was the most fulfilling & emotional experience of my life. It was also the hardest, most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

After a successful VBAC with Dr. Adams of Full Circle parents admire their baby girlAfter just giving birth to her rainbow baby with Dr. Chandra Adams of full circleright after being born via VBAC dad holds his 9lb baby girlVia video chat at St. Vincent's hospital big brother meets his baby sisterboth delivered by dr. adams big brother meets and kisses his new baby sisterson, daughter and father snuggle after the birthIn mom and dad's hands inked, wrinkled newborn feet

After having a c-section with my son (after a planned home birth, then transferred to Dr. Adams at 41 weeks 6 days) and a previous miscarriage, this birth was everything I hoped and prayed for. I wanted a natural VBAC and I wanted to know that my body was capable of going into labor without interventions. This was my redemption birth with my rainbow baby! After losing our sweet daughter in May of 2016 at 18wks gestation, I didn’t realize how broken my heart was until I held Blythe for the first time. She truly made me feel complete and filled the void I didn’t know existed. That’s what makes my rainbow baby so special…she’s just what I needed! Each of my (3) birth stories are very different, but one factor remained the same…Dr. Adams delivered all of my babies!”



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