Welcome Charlotte Lillian

I was so lucky and thankful to have made it in time to capture the birth of Charlotte Lillian! Thank you, Miranda, for sharing your love story with us!

“I want to share a little background before jumping right into the exciting details. Bryan and I met, fell in love, and got married all in the same year. I like to make the joke “my husband was a package deal” because he came with a baby on the way. My stepson was born soon after we wed, and has been an absolute blessing in my life. Bryan knew he wanted more children and I’ve always wanted a big family, but after two years of not being able to conceive on our own, we decided to see a fertility specialist. Before starting any rounds of IUI or IVF I had surgery where our doctor discovered and cleaned out the stage II endometriosis I never knew I had. My chances of conceiving a baby naturally with this were very low, so I accepted that I may never carry a child of my own. Thankfully this was not the case at all! One month after my surgery I FINALLY saw two lines on that dreaded pregnancy test! We knew, in the beginning, we wanted to have a photographer present for our baby’s birth. We wanted every moment captured, we felt so blessed to actually be where we were that we wanted to remember it forever.

I was 39w 1d along on Monday, September 25. My family of three sat down for dinner around 6:30 pm and I started having contractions. My Braxton-Hicks were always in my tummy but this was in my back. After two more of those, I looked at my husband and said, “Are you ready to be a family of four??” The plan was to labor at home as long as I could so that’s what we did. The contractions grew more and more intense as we finished our packing and a last minute pick up around the house.  After about 7 hours my contractions were 5-1-1 so we made the 35 minute drive to Flagler Hospital. I was 4cm dilated and admitted to the Low Intervention Room. I planned on a natural, unmedicated birth and am so happy we chose to labor and birth in the Low Intervention area. I tried using the birth balls, walking around, leaning on Bryan, and getting in the Jacuzzi tub. My contractions were solely in my back and I was not getting any relief whatsoever. After about three hours, around 4:30 am I called the midwife in and asked to be checked. To our surprise, I was 8cm dilated and completely effaced. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t really talk so I’m not really sure if I said this aloud, but my reaction was immediately WHAT? This is my FIRST pregnancy, I thought I was supposed to do this labor thing for days???? Bryan scrambled to text Melissa how far I’d progressed and as she was hurrying to get there I got in the tub again. My water broke while I was in the water and I started to feel like I needed to push! I called the nurses and said I was ready for them and the midwife to come in. Again, I don’t know if I said this aloud but I was NOT pushing until my photographer was there too! Just as I started to feel like I couldn’t wait any longer Melissa arrived. I started pushing and the whole time all I could think was “Wow, I cannot believe we are actually here!” I couldn’t wait to see my baby girl that I hoped and prayed so hard for. I remember everyone telling me I’m doing so good and they could see her, she’s almost out. Each word of encouragement motivated me more and more to push my baby out! I was able to sit up just enough to see her coming, after that, I gave a few more really big pushes. At 6:38 am Charlotte Lillian was delivered by her daddy, overwhelming us with joy and love instantly. I’m so happy Melissa was there to capture that love because no story and no words could ever paint a picture as beautiful as these!”


Be sure to watch in HD and with the volume up!


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