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I was documenting the arrival of a sweet girl when I got the text from Nicole saying it may be time.  I joked and said she should come join the party since I was already up at the hospital.  2.5 hours later…Nicole had arrived and was close to meeting her daughter!  Here is their story!

Elise’s Birth Story

“My husband, Chris, came home from a year deployment in March 2017, but we had agreed that we were going to wait a few months before trying to have another baby.  We had 2 boys at the time and really wanted to add one more in the hopes we would have a girl next, but a healthy baby is all that really mattered. We found out in August 2017 that we were expecting and we were so excited! I had been researching more about pregnancy and delivery for a while before getting pregnant because I wanted this to be the best pregnancy and delivery possible.  My first child was born at a military base in Mississippi.  I was induced with him because I was over 40 weeks at that point.  My husband was leaving in two weeks for a deployment, so I was going to move back to Jacksonville with family.  The baby’s heart rate was dropping when I was on the Pitocin and when they took me off I stopped having contractions, so I ended up having a C-section.  I was determined to have a VBAC with my second and really had to fight for it because we were located in a small town in North Carolina.  I had horrible back pain with him and ended up with an epidural, but was able to have my VBAC.

So once we made it through the first trimester and baby was looking good, I started doing a lot more research on doulas and hospitals.  I also started chiropractic care earlier in this pregnancy because I found it helped with my last one.  Once we found out the baby was a girl, we knew that this was going to be our last baby.  I wanted everything perfect!  I wanted a birth photographer and a doula because I wanted a natural birth.  I contacted Melissa right after we found out and booked her right after meeting her, she was AMAZING.  Our doula was Danae with Jacksonville Birth Services.  She went with me to my next OB appointment which happened to be the day I had to do my glucose test.  She was really helpful and suggested I ask some questions because all OBs are different when it comes to VBACs.  I did not like the answers I got to some of my questions during that appointment.  At the time, I was really considering switching to UF North Birth Center but read they do not accept VBAC patients.  Come to find out from my Doula and talking to the midwives, it is case by case and they only take a handful of VBAC patients because you have to deliver at UF North Hospital and there were only two midwives that could deliver there.

I had a pretty easy and smooth pregnancy besides not passing the glucose test and having to go for the 3 hour one.  On April 11th, I went for my 38-week check and was barely 1cm, which I was kind of expecting.  The rest of that week I just remember feeling tired and some random pains but nothing was consistent.  I was still working full time and trying to just stay moving.  I had another appointment on April 17th and asked to be checked again and have my membranes swept.  When she checked me I was about 2-3 cm dilated and she was able to do the sweep.  The next day was like any other day.  I went to work but I just remember being miserable and moody and decided I was going to talk to my supervisor about working from home the rest of the week.  I left work at 2:30 pm and took my laptop home with me.  I had a chiropractor appointment and she did some extra stuff to help my hips open up.  After my appointment, I decided to make my way to the gym for a quick 30-minute workout before picking up my boys.  I picked them up after and ran my oldest one up to the soccer fields for practice and to meet Chris since he was the coach.  I took my youngest one to the park at the soccer field to have some one-on-one time with him.  We left the park around 5:50 pm to head home to get dinner ready.  I called my mom on the way home to complain that I don’t think I am ever going to have this baby and that I am getting sharp pains but they don’t last long and are not consistent.  I got home and started getting dinner ready and noticed more pains that made me stop more but still didn’t seem consistent.  My husband walked in the door from practice around 6:15 pm and I said that things felt a little stronger and he told me I should maybe start timing things.  I ignored him because I was trying to finish dinner and get things cleaned up.  He noticed I was somewhat unconformable and said I really needed to time things, so I downloaded an app really quick and started timing stuff and texted Danae.  She wanted a screenshot of the time so I sent her one but felt I was not doing it right.  Chris went upstairs to get a shower.  I used the bathroom and noticed a little bloody mucus.  I jumped in the shower after he was done and he stayed in the bathroom with me and timed my contractions.  They were not slowing down when I was in the shower and I told him to call my mom and have her go ahead and head over.  I got out of the shower and Danae started heading over to just see how I was and help relax me.  I sat on the birth ball I had and tried to dry my hair and finish packing my hospital bag.  I texted Melissa to give her a heads up, but she responded that she was already up at the hospital with another mom, so that worked out perfectly!

Danae showed up around 7:45 pm at our house and stayed with me upstairs timing my contractions and doing some stretches to help open up my hips more.  She was also helping to apply pressure and was already in contact with the midwife letting her know how I was progressing.  We decided it was best to head to the hospital around 8:50 pm. I went and said goodnight to my boys and told them that they would be meeting their baby sister soon.  They were very concerned for me.  My husband already had the car packed and we left at 9 pm to head to the hospital, Danae followed behind.  I am so thankful that my labor started later in the day because Jacksonville traffic is horrible! We made it to the hospital in record time and arrived around 9:35 pm.  We parked and started to walk in but the closest door was already locked so Chris ran ahead to the next door and came back and opened it for us.  It took me a long time to walk up to labor and delivery because I needed to stop so much because of the contractions and pain.  Angela, my midwife was already there and had started my charts for me.  We requested a room with a tub because I wanted to sit in the tub to help with contractions.

We got to the room, I went straight to the bed and was on my hands and knees while Chris and Danae were taking turns applying pressure to my back. 

At UF North Doula Danae Bunso applies counter pressure to momAt UF North dad applies counter pressure to laboring wife
I had to flip over to my back so that the nurse could get the IV port in my arm and put the wireless monitor on my belly.  Danae heated up a bag of rice for my lower back pain which felt really good.  The baby was very active during my labor and was kicking so much that it made the contractions feel stronger and never-ending.  They checked me within 15 minutes of arriving and I was 7cm already.  I really wanted to get in the tub and asked for them to start drawing the water.  They finished the IV port and taking my blood pressure and I finished signing the consent forms. 

During unmedicated birth Doula Danae and husband support momDuring natural birth at UF Health North mother breathes through contractions
I remember Angela telling me that if I felt like I needed to push I had to get out of the tub immediately.  I asked to be checked once more to make sure I still had some time to sit in the tub.  She checked me and I could tell from the look on her face that I would not have time to sit in the tub.  I asked if I could use the bathroom because I felt like I needed to pee.  Chris helped me to the bathroom and when I stood up I had to sit down immediately again and a gush of water came out.  I felt like I had to have a bowel movement and really started to freak out. 

In husband's arms mom laboring on toilet with doula and midwife Angela
I asked to go back to the bed and I got back on my hands and knees.  I remember saying it felt like I need to push. 

During VBAC at UF North husban and Doula Bunso apply counter pressure
I started pushing and just felt like I was in a zone, not hearing much around me.  I did hear Angela tell me to reach down and grab my baby, so I did and I pulled her up to my chest. 

With midwife Angela Elliot a mother births on hands and kneesMother holds newborn with husband and midwife Angela moments after VBACafter unmedicated VBAC vernix covered baby is in mother's arms
She was born at 10:50 pm and at the moment everything was perfect and remember saying “I did it”.  She was PERFECT!  

Mother and husband share a moment as midwife Angela Elliot looks at vernix covered baby
They helped me flip over to my back and she latched on right away and nursed for a good hour before they took her to check her over. 

Midwife, doula and husband look on at baby and mom have first skin to skinafter natural birth father admires wife and babyAfter being born baby latching for first timenewborn enjoys skin to skin as both parents look on
Elise Kate Adcock weighted 7lb 4oz and was 19 ¾ inches long.

During newborn exam at UF Health North finding out baby's weightDuring newborn exam at UF North nurse gets baby's ink footprintUntil she can breast feed father soothes the crying baby with pinky

I could not be more grateful for my amazing team! Angela with UF North Birth Center for all the help and making my labor and delivery perfect.  My doula, Danae, who was so encouraging and helpful.  Having a doula made the experience so much better. I did not have to worry about anything. I felt like they were taking care of everything and I just had to focus on delivering the baby.  And Melissa with Beloved Bits who went above and beyond! I never knew she was there and even came up the next day to capture pictures of my boys meeting their baby sister for the first time, as well as her first bath! 

during Fresh 48 session grandmother and siblings meet new additionAt the hospital big brothers check out their new sisterIn first days newborn baby looks back at her brotherAt UF hospital mom and dad give baby her first bathBaby in newborn outfit being looked at by parents while hugging
I am so grateful to everyone for making this my best birth experience.”

~Nicole A.



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