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An empowering, love-filled, natural birth of twins – story told by Doula Rebecca.  Special thanks to Rebecca for being my 2nd shooter in the OR when I wasn’t allowed in.  She got some awesome shots!
“I met Shani and Genese halfway through Shani’s pregnancy. They were ready and excited to meet their twins but were looking for someone they could trust to guide them through the process. From the start, I could tell Shani was such a strong amazing woman who knew how to get what she wanted.
As her pregnancy progressed, her babies continued to grow healthy and strong. With her top notch birth team in place, Shani was confident in her abilities to birth these babies and sounded more and more excited with every phone call I got. As the time drew near for us to meet these sweet babies, Genese began to grow a bit nervous. Normal nerves of a loving partner; Is she making healthy decisions? Are the babies ok? How will I be able to bond with them as much as I want to? I loved the opportunity to support her through this process as well, as she was very receptive to what I would tell her and ultimately trusted her wife and trusted the advice she was getting from myself and her care provider. Because of this great bond we were developing, both Shani and Genese were happy to have me there to guide them through this birth. It came as a bit of a disappointment when Shani was told that she would only be able to have one support person with her as she birthed her twins, the reason being, the birth had to happen in the operating room even though it would be a vaginal delivery. Undeterred, Shani pressed on in her quest to achieve the birth of her dreams. She very persistently and tactfully refused to take no for an answer. She called up the chain of command in the hospital and very respectfully requested to be allowed to keep her support team, including her doula, with her every step of the way. And then…she got a YES! This was such a big win for her and she rode that wave of triumph right into labor.
It was a Wednesday when her little baby boy measured a bit smaller one too many times and Shani was advised to get to the hospital to induce. After having made it to 38 weeks with twins, this news was not a blow and something that we knew could be a possibility. She and Genese took their time gathering their things and making their way to the hospital for what would be a very gentle induction of labor. Once at the hospital, Shani and Genese settled in for the last night of sleep before their little ones would arrive.
Thursday was a wonderfully exciting day full of beautiful anticipation of the twins’ arrival. I got to them right before 8:00 am and just couldn’t wait for this birth to play out. The day was spent chatting and laughing with this sweet couple. Shani’s mother was with us for the first part of the day, but as the hours went by and their older kids needed attending to, she and Genese left to get them settled. The second half of the day is when things finally picked up. Shani’s providers had simply broken her water and her labor progressed on its own the whole time. Her body knew just what it had to do once it got a little nudge in the right direction. After lunch, Shani got up and got dancing. It was beautiful watching her float around the room, dance with her wife, swirl her hips on the ball, lean forward and sway to music…perfection. Genese got back from situating the kids and things really picked up.
Jacksonville southside The family birth place St. Vincent's natural birth pregnant with twinsA hand to hold doula Rebecca Mckinneyhospital birth pregnant with twinsduring natural birth at hospital hypnobirthingAt St. Vincent's southside hypnobirthing twins laboring We labored on, Shani got in her zone and the sun went down. Finally, she began to feel the need to labor down. Her little baby girl was getting lower and ready to come meet the world. Midwife Jordan and Dr. Adams arrived and we ALL walked with Shani back to the operating room, her birthing room.
natural hypno-birth doula Rebecca Claire MckinneyDr. Adams Full Circle Women's Care waiting to deliver twins
Shani was so calm and in the zone at this point, one of the technicians in the room asked Dr. Adams if she was completely numb. Dr. Adams answer thrilled me. “Nope, she’s just HypnoBirthing.”
Little Genesis made her appearance at 11:01 pm. Shani breathed her out beautifully and she was brought right up to her mommy’s chest. Perfect in every way and just as bright-eyed as can be! Shani got a bit of a breather while we waited for Shaun to make his way down. That little stinker decided to come feet first though, so Jordan stepped back and Dr. Adams came to receive this second little baby. While Shani maintained her composure and stayed with her breath, Dr. Adams skillfully assisted in the breech delivery of Shaun at 11:11 pm. He was little but after a few minutes to adjust, he was just as feisty as can be.
Full circle women's care delivering twins naturally in ORFull circle women's care breach baby deliveredafter giving birth naturally breastfeeding twins
She had done it! She had naturally birthed BOTH babies and made it look easy! As Genese doted on her wife and Shani wept tears of joy I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming gratitude for that moment. Two strong women just welcomed their precious babies into the world exactly as they had hoped it would be.”
The next day, I had the pleasure of meeting back up with Shani and Genese for a Fresh 48 session!  Their family and friends were coming to meet the 2 new little bundles!  Their 3 other kids were so excited – their hands eager to touch and their faces full of wonder as they first laid eyes on the babies.  They asked such sweet questions!
in jacksonville family visits twins in hospital after birthFresh 48 photography family meets babies for first time after being bornFresh 48 session new moms with their twins
You HypnoBirthing mommas amaze me every time!

It was such a joy to attend this birth – 
I’m so happy for this family of 7!

Please view their full birth story below with the volume up and in HD!

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