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I like to think of myself as a storyteller and what an honor it was to capture such an amazing chapter for this family! After such a long journey, it made the moment they met their son even sweeter! Thank you, Cheyenne, for sharing this inspiring, encouraging story with us!


“I have wanted to become a mother my entire life. Ever since I was a little girl I just knew that I would find the man of my dreams, have five kids and live happily ever after. Well, my story only accomplishes some of that goal…

When I was hired at the Sheriff’s Office I was a bit overwhelmed at being a street cop but I was so excited. While working on the street I met my amazing husband, Jason and it truly was love at first sight. We became best friends and loving him was so easy it just came naturally. He had three kids from a previous marriage and I became an overnight mother to his children.

We were married on March 14, 2015, and I figured we would go on our honeymoon and I would come back pregnant. I never had any “girly” issues growing up and Jason already proved he could make kids so I figured it would be a piece of cake. Now looking back, I have never been more wrong in my entire life.

I became so obsessed with having a baby that I was tracking periods, ovulation, temperature, when we had sex, and it truly became a job. Each month I stood in the bathroom holding a pregnancy test that said, “Not Pregnant” and each month it hurt more and more. I watched so many of my friends get pregnant and become mothers so I just became more and more bitter and closed off.

In November of 2015, I was two weeks late and just knew it was because I was stressing so much about having a baby. A friend of mine told me to go buy a pregnancy test to make sure I wasn’t pregnant before the weekend as we were set to go out. I went to the store, got the test, came home and took it then went into the kitchen to prepare dinner, completely forgetting about the test. After about 30 minutes in the kitchen, I thought of the test, went into the bathroom, picked up the test and immediately hit my knees. The test displayed the word, “Pregnant” and I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack. After announcing to everyone and their mother that we were expecting I started spotting. I googled every single thing possible and all I kept seeing was the word, “miscarriage” and little did I know that word would become my future for the next 3 years.

In December of 2015, I went to the doctor due to bleeding so badly, I saw the heartbeat and I was told to just rest because they couldn’t tell me why I was bleeding. A couple days later I had a complete miscarriage and we were crushed. I knew I didn’t want to wait long to try again but this time we would reach out for help.

In January of 2016, we reached out to a local fertility doctor and were told our issue was simple and we began treatment. We completed 3 rounds of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) but sadly each month Aunt Flow always showed her ugly face and I never got pregnant. After meeting with the doctor, we were told our next option was Invitro Fertilization (IVF) and we started that long process in July of 2016.

IVF is absolutely no joke, I took hundreds and hundreds of shots and pills, it was exhausting. We retrieved 19 eggs, 12 were mature, 10 fertilized and 7 made it to blast. We were so shocked that we went from 19 to 7 in a matter of days. We opted to complete genetics testing on the 7 embryos we had to make sure we got the best of the best. Several weeks later we got the news that we had now gone from 7 embryos to 3 genetically normal embryos, 3 abnormal embryos and 1 undetermined.

Our 3 genetically normal embryos were graded…we had an AA male, a BB female, and a CC male. The doctor told us our only chances at a successful pregnancy would be with the AA and BB embryos as CC embryos 99% of the time never implant or result in a viable pregnancy due to how poorly graded they were. Two chances…that’s all we had. We were hopeful yet slightly upset all at the same time.

In September of 2016, we prepped for our first frozen embryo transfer (FET) with our AA male and we were so excited. The transfer was a breeze but the two-week wait (TWW) was something else. Your mind plays tricks on you and you think you feel things that aren’t really there. After the long wait, we took a blood test to find out if the transfer was successful and if we were going to be parents. The doctor told us they want to see a number over 100 in order for a positive result and mine was 444, we were pregnant! Once again we announced to everyone and their mother and were over the moon excited. I completed the second blood test and my number was now at 1108. I was really pregnant and I was already planning everything I needed to plan in order to welcome a baby. Sadly, the day after my second blood test I went to the bathroom after feeling a rush of fluid and found the toilet filling with bright red blood. I went to the emergency room just to be told I had suffered another complete miscarriage. I can’t even describe the amount of pain my heart felt in that moment, it was almost unbearable.

Once again we met with our doctor who wanted to complete a test to see if we had put the embryo in at the correct time during the month. I was so desperate to become a mother that I was willing to do whatever I had to do and spend whatever we had to spend. The test alone was $3,000 and the biopsy was another $1,000 but we were already over $15,000 deep at that point so what’s another $4,000?

Before completing the test I went to the doctor for my yearly exam and I told him everything we had been through so far. He ordered a blood clotting panel be completed just to see if this could be an underlying issue that my fertility doctor did not pick up on. The test was complete and a few weeks later I discovered I had a blood clotting disorder called MTHFR for short and I had both strands. I was kind of excited at the results because it was something I could take back to my fertility doctor and have him fix the issue before we completed our next transfer.

I gave the results of the blood panel to my fertility doctor and his response was, “well that isn’t your problem and there is no reason to treat it.” I was a cop, not a doctor so I went with what he said and moved forward with the test he wanted done. In December of 2016, we completed the test, got the results and my transfer protocol was adjusted based on the results.

In January of 2017, we transferred our BB female and like the first transfer, it was smooth with no issues but once again we began the two-week wait. After two weeks I went in for my blood test and was extremely hopeful but I received the phone call that I was pregnant but my hormone level was so low it appeared I was suffering another miscarriage. I remember just hanging up the phone on the nurse, putting my head in my hands and crying. I didn’t understand why this was so hard and why it wasn’t happening for us.

Before giving up completely I wanted to get a second opinion since we had our one CC male embryo left. In the back of my mind, I remembered the doctor telling us that he would not amount to a viable pregnancy and there was a 99% chance he would never implant but even with that negativity I needed a second opinion.

We reached out to Dr. Brown and gave him all of my medical records since beginning our journey. He looked at Jason and I and said, “I 100% believe the reason you keep getting pregnant but not staying pregnant is due to the MTHFR that you have and I want to treat it moving forward.” We walked out of his office so hopeful and anxious all at the same time.

In May of 2016, we took our CC male embryo and moved him to Dr. Brown’s office in preparation of our third frozen embryo transfer. Dr. Brown treated me for the blood clotting disorder and on June 28th, 2016, we transferred our final embryo. Jason and I held onto all we had left at that point…our faith in God. We endured another long two-week wait and prepared for my blood test. The day came and my blood hormone level came back at 1010, we were once again pregnant.

This time I didn’t get my hopes up and we didn’t announce to anyone except family and our close friends. My next blood test came, my levels came back at 2908 and we scheduled our 6 week ultrasound. On July 24th, 2017, we saw the sweet heartbeat of that CC embryo we were told would never implant and would never amount to a viable pregnancy. We were in love.

Although we had a few bumps in early pregnancy to include an SCH, I had a beautiful pregnancy. Our son, who we decided to name Landon was growing so perfectly and so big. At each ultrasound, Landon was always measuring over 2 weeks ahead and I can’t say it enough he was so perfect.

We elected to have a c section because we wanted him to come on a specific day and because he was growing at a rapid pace. At my final ultrasound at 37 weeks, Landon already weighed 8lbs 8oz and I still had two weeks to go.

On Friday, March 9th, we walked into the hospital to have our son. Everyone kept asking me how I felt and all I kept saying was, “I need a cup of coffee and I’m starving.” I wasn’t nervous to have Landon and I wasn’t nervous for the c section, I was simply starving. My family arrived, the doctor was there and we were ready to rock and roll. They asked what type of music I wanted to listen to while I gave birth and of course, I had to have my favorite Chris Stapleton playing as I welcomed my boy. The OR was ice cold, the music was playing and everyone was in their place ready to go. I got the epidural, got flat and it was show time! I don’t remember much of anything until I heard my doctor say, “He’s a big boy!” I remember hearing his cry for the first time, it was utterly breathtaking and a moment I never thought I would ever experience. Landon weighed 9lbs 9oz and measured 20 ¾ inches. My precious and big boy had finally arrived.

The next moment was the most amazing and I will never be able to put into words how I felt…the moment they placed Landon on my chest for the first time. The moment I locked eyes with my son took my breath away and my heart skipped a beat. I had waited 1,091 days for that moment and it was finally here. I was holding my miracle baby, my rainbow baby, the baby I was told would never amount to a viable pregnancy. My heart was finally complete <3″


Landon’s birth video is below ~ please watch in HD and with the volume up! 

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