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“This birth really took its toll on me both emotionally and physically.  It was by far the hardest recovery and postpartum anxiety has been terrible.  On top of that, coming home after 5 days in the hospital, seeing an empty birth tub, an empty house, and an unexpected ending to the entire process of what I went through to get him here was so sad for me.  I really was so saddened that it didn’t go according to what I had hoped, but your beautiful pictures have helped my grief so much so that I no longer mourn the birth I had “envisioned”.  It shows me all that I did have and that was so much love, care, and support from all my family and friends.  I’m so blessed and had so much that I didn’t even realize until your video.  It really is priceless to me and has helped me heal emotionally sooooo much.  I honestly no longer have those sad feelings because I did get soooo much from my birth.  I really feel God led me to choose you to be a part of my birth journey and I’m so thankful you were there.”


~Please watch in HD and with the volume up for best results~

“A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth.” ~Anna Verwaal

Thank you, Josi, for sharing your thoughts, birth story and postpartum journey!  I’m so glad I was there to capture all of the sweet moments so that you can forever look back on and remember the good!  Knowing that brings such joy to my heart!

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