Why Birth Photography?

It’s no secret that I am passionate about birth photography.  Let me tell you my story, dig into my photo vault (yes these are locked away) and show you why.

I was a younger mother, hated being pregnant, and was scared of the actual birth coming up.  I didn’t have pregnant friends to talk to and I read horror stories when researching that made me not even want to think about what was going to happen to my body.   I had no birth plan, had the baby at the hospital because that’s what you did unless you were some hippie (I said I was young and naive right?) and told my husband to get some pics.

*One of my biggest regrets in life – all 3 times*

Of course I was a bit more educated the 2nd and 3rd time around but how could I trust my husband with photos after not learning my lesson the first time (and 2nd)!  What photos I have, and there aren’t many, are terrible.  He was too distracted with his children being born 😉 .  Of course I still love them, but they are awful.  I actually have none of the 3rd baby during labor or birth because of how crazy things went!  Here’s a couple to compare.

My son’s birth vs a birth I recently shot.

birth photography water birth vs hospital birth#2

birth photographers why they are important#3 -The best for last 😉

birth photography and why you should hire a birth photographerMy husband’s cute…but me?!

Why do I regret it so much?

I have taken pictures of everything my whole life.  Why not during birth?  I have more photos of bringing my dogs home than I do of my kids being born!

I also remember very little of my first being born.  I was supposed to be induced at 7 am.  They called me that evening and said to come in.  I had gotten no sleep the night before.  I basically remember that night and the call, getting checked in, waiting, and then everybody in the room to hold my daughter.  I can recall some details, but only because of my husband.  I was a zombie.

I’m passionate because birth photography tells a story that you might not remember or would otherwise go unnoticed!

birth and that new baby smellI would love to capture your little one’s birth story!

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